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Review Lift Application Development Cookbook

The book "Lift Application Development Cookbook" by Gilberto T. Garcia Jr. really lives up to the title "cookbook". There are recipies starting from the simpler concepts needed to build a Lift application, teaching the "know how" of different areas. The recipies are working and allow the developer do quickly start exploring a subject. I especially liked the balance between the more extraordinary topics like the things in the chapter "Integrating Lift with Social Media", but also covering easy and useful subjects like "Sending e-mails using Gmail's SMTP server" as such: a very easy recipe.

What I am missing a bit - the reason for that is in the concept of a cookbook, of course - is more of a treatment of the "know why" opposed to the "know how". This book gives a head start to begin exploring a treated subject. The deeper understanding has to be acquired somewhere else.


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